Individuals who suffer from obesity are well aware of the many weight loss trends that we are bombarded with nearly every week. Whether it is Dr Oz suggesting some herbal remedy, or a friend’s well-intentioned recommendation of green tea, there is little doubt that we try to battle obesity using multiple tools. In this article we consider the myths, maybes and the mighty of the common weight loss tips.


The myths

Some myths revolve around the use of carnitine supplements, as it is believed to increase muscle mass and improve fat metabolism.  However, using carnitine supplements does not affect weight loss as the transfer of carnitine into muscle is dependent on an enzyme that is known to operate at maximum capacity.

Another supplement that recently gained some attention was chornium. It was argued that it increases the effects of exercise. The claims were quickly debunked by more robust studies and there is no merit behind claims of chronium’s effects on exercise.


The Maybes

It has often been argued that coffee and green tea can boost metabolism. However, studies have come with inconclusive results and at best the effect is small after regular intake.

A treatment for diabetes, named Victoza, has also been gaining a lot of research, as it appears to aid weight loss. The trials to date have showed promising results.


The Mighty


Diet pills such as Xenical have been developed as a result of rigorous scientific research. If followed correctly, that is; with healthy eating and exercise, then they affect weight loss significantly.

It is encouraging to see that the importance of weight loss is considered on so many levels. We feel that regulators and the scientific community should closely monitor each supplement and diet pill to ensure they do not do more harm than good. 

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